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Welcome To The Belz Museum

The Belz Museum opened in 1998 and was originally three small rooms; over the years, the museum has expanded and now encompasses 24,000 square-feet of exhibition space and over 1,400 objects.

Originally the private collection of local entrepreneur, Jack A. Belz, and his wife, Marilyn, most pieces on display were donated by them to the foundation that runs the museum. The Belz Museum has 5 permanent exhibit galleries: 3 Asian, 1 Judaic, and the Holocaust Memorial Gallery. Special exhibits are brought in semi-annually.

The museum is unofficially called “The Jade Museum,” since one of the main materials featured is jade in sculptural form. The main Asian collection features artworks from the Qing Dynasty, the last dynasty of China, which ran from 1644-1911.

The Judaic Gallery, which opened to the public in the fall of 2004, contains over 200 works of art created by contemporary Jewish artists working and living in Israel today. Many of the pieces were commissioned by Mr. Belz from artists with whom he has personal relationships.

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Education Programs

Each year, 3,000 local and regional students visit Belz Museum. Educational programs are offered throughout the year for students at every level of study. Our collections provide students with the...

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Staff Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for groups of 10 or more students in first through 12th grade, Tuesdays through Fridays. Groups must be accompanied by at least one adult chaperone for...

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Self-Guided Tours

You may schedule a self-guided tour for your group if you do not wish to have a docent-led tour. Self-guided tours are only available to groups of students, fourth grade...

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Museum News

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June 18, 2018
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June 18, 2018
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