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January 3, 2019

Spring Special Exhibit – 2019

Special Exhibit Opens at Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art

Memphis, TN – January 10, 2019 – Today, the Belz Museum is proud to open to the public a brand-new special exhibit, Tomb Pottery: Mysteries of China. In China, during the Han Dynasty, burials commonly included tomb pottery. China’s tradition of pottery-making began in ancient times but by the Han Dynasty, improvements to pottery-making techniques allowed for extensive production of items for both daily and ceremonial use. These new techniques eventually led to the three-colored glazed-ware (sancai) of the Tang Dynasty as well as low-fired glazed-wares of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Sculptural tomb pottery pieces symbolized items the deceased person would need in the afterlife: animals, dancing figures and musicians, houses, granary jars, oil lamps, horses and other items from daily life. The custom continues to this day; traditional burial ceremonies in China may include the burning of replicas of cars, houses, jewelry, and other valuables that belonged to the deceased.

The pieces in our exhibit are representative of multiple types of burial pottery and include other forms of burial art. Come see this unique exhibit and all the treasures of the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art.

The special exhibit is included in admission: $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, and $4 for students.
* Tomb Pottery: Mysteries of China will be exhibited from January 10, 2019 to June 30, 2019.

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