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Our Collections

Our Collections

The collection of Asian art at the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic art is the largest and most comprehensive collection of Chinese art in the southern region of the United States. Outstanding works of art represents China, many of which were created during China’s Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and are characteristic of an ancient culture with rich artistic traditions.

Artwork from this dynasty was created by artisans and craftsmen who spent many years perfecting each piece to convey the patronage of the Qing Court. The result is some of the most exquisite treasures the world has ever seen. The collection of more than 900 objects, which range in date from 202 BC to the early twentieth-century, includes intricately carved jades, ivories, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, lacquer, textiles, and funerary art.

The collection of Judaica (historical and literal pieces relating to Judaism) reflects the artistic journey of some of Israel’s most celebrated contemporary artists including Ofra Friedland and Daniel Kafri. Belz Museum has the largest displayed collection of Mr. Kafri’s work outside of Israel. The museum is home to 32 bronze relief sculptures, which were created by Mr. Kafri in an effort to illustrate the entire Bible through his reliefs. In addition to modern Judaica and contemporary Israeli art, works by Samuel Bak, Marc Chagall and Mane Katz are on display.

The Holocaust Memorial Gallery offers visitors an opportunity to meet survivors of the Holocaust through photographic portraits and biographical sketches. It is also a repository for items, stories and contemporary art that will honor survivors and their families and preserve their history.